Whitecliff – Underwater Basket Weaving (Session 6)

Session 6 was last night! Okay, it was actually a week-and-a-half ago, but I wrote most of this the next day. It feels like so many more and yet at the same time like 6 is an awfully big number to have reached. Funny how that works. It was a good playtest showing that the… Continue reading Whitecliff – Underwater Basket Weaving (Session 6)

Chronicles of Darkness

Quinvia Junction – Demon Mage: Origins (Session 1)

The following is a recounting of the events of the first session of a Chronicles of Darkness campaign set in Quinvia Junction, a fictional US city where five major railways meet. It’s a Demon game using the Mage rules. Or are we all just sorely deluded mages with no demonic taint to us? My character… Continue reading Quinvia Junction – Demon Mage: Origins (Session 1)


Whitecliff – Diggy Diggy Hole (Session 3)

Just over three weeks ago, I ran the third session of Whitecliff and I’ve been very lax in writing this report up. So, without further ado, here’s what happened. The group discussed various ways of getting to the top of the cliff. Straight-forward climbing, rigging up a grappling hook, carving a staircase out of the… Continue reading Whitecliff – Diggy Diggy Hole (Session 3)

Fragged Empire

Beyond Haven – Dammit Jim, I’m A Doctor (Session 3?)

Beyond Haven is a Fragged Empire game that I’m playing in on the first Wednesday of every month. I’ll not talk about the system very much – I’m planning to do a separate review at a later date once I’ve got a bit more table experience. For now I’ll just say it’s a sci-fi game… Continue reading Beyond Haven – Dammit Jim, I’m A Doctor (Session 3?)