About Daniel & this Blog

About the Blog
This blog contains my collected rantings and ravings. It is likely to cover a stupidly wide field of topics from economic theory to nuclear physics, tech geekery to philosophy, short fiction to pc gaming, and dining-out reviews to table-top nerdery.

About the Author
Daniel O’Brien is an Adelaidean with a fickle interest in just about anything science, tech, economics, philosophy, or tabletop gaming related. He graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2009 with a Bachelor of Economics. During his final year, he scaled back his uni commitments in order to take a job with a South Australia based credit union. Originally intending to complete a PhD, he was distracted by having an income and the offer of a full-time position.

In late 2010 he left the credit union to work as a test analyst for a South Australia based IT firm that provides banking software to a range of Australian institutions. In 2013 he returned to full time study completing a Graduate Diploma of Computer Science. Early in 2014 he took a position as a Technical Consultant with a global firm. He is intending on starting work towards a Masters of Computer Science as soon as work commitments permit.

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