Fractured Earth Stories

A suggested reading order list of the various Fractured Earth stories. Note that the order is only within each heading – for example, the Ironheart stories can be read before or after or during the Longest Eulogy.


  1. Acrimony (part II)
  2. Acrimony on Being Dead
  3. Acrimony Rambles

Chelsea Xylander

  1. One Foot In Front of the Other
  2. Hot Tears
  3. Purple Roots
  4. Hurts Like A Mother

Deirdre Nic Fedlimid

  1. Made Man (part II, III, IV)
  2. The Black and Green Dress (part II, III, IV)

Derek Wallace

  1. Beginnings: Derek
  2. A twenty or so year gap
  3. The Black and Green Dress (part II, III, IV)
  4. A sixty or seventy year gap
  5. The Longest Eulogy (Sylvie’s Story)
    1. A First Meeting
    2. Truth in the Light
    3. Enter, Stage Left
    4. A Breakfast Lecture
    5. To be continued…

Fiona Brown

  1. Dark Day
  2. Into the Day
  3. Dark Book


  1. The Bullies and the Bullied

Miscellaneous and Standalone Stories

This section is presented in order of publication here, they are sufficiently standalone (at the moment at least), to not matter what order you read them in. If necessary, they will list any other stories that should be read first.

  1. Dedorak’s Land: Eturttarp uq etoanuk
  2. Beginnings: The Herald

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