Whitecliff – Underwater Basket Weaving (Session 6)

Session 6 was last night! Okay, it was actually a week-and-a-half ago, but I wrote most of this the next day. It feels like so many more and yet at the same time like 6 is an awfully big number to have reached. Funny how that works. It was a good playtest showing that the… Continue reading Whitecliff – Underwater Basket Weaving (Session 6)

Chronicles of Darkness

Quinvia Junction – Demon Mage: Origins (Session 1)

The following is a recounting of the events of the first session of a Chronicles of Darkness campaign set in Quinvia Junction, a fictional US city where five major railways meet. It’s a Demon game using the Mage rules. Or are we all just sorely deluded mages with no demonic taint to us? My character… Continue reading Quinvia Junction – Demon Mage: Origins (Session 1)