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Random Update

So, it’s been over a month since my last post. Basically, life got psychotically busy. I’m about ready to pass out and sleep for a month. But I don’t have even a weekend to myself until the start of September. So. Yeah. This’ll be fun 😀

Anyway, below the fold’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to this past month.

Edit: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t have time to insert all the pics. So it didn’t get posted till just now and some of the time references are now doubt dodgy.


We had a Fragged Empire game on the 6th, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t written up and I’m not entirely certain if I took notes 😦 but I’ll try to write it up anyway as the busy starts winding down.

Sparks and I played a bunch of Infinity and have definitely been taken in by it. Enough that I’ve already dropped a few months of hobby budget on it. I’ll be collecting four or five forces to start with. I got Operation Icestorm a two faction starter featuring PanOceania and Nomad forces about a year ago but never got around to playing it. I was tinkering with some Amethyst Burning rules as a break from Whitecliff & pulled out the Infinity box thinking its terrain and map might be useful for some playtesting. They weren’t, but Sparks and I ended up playing through the first couple of missions in the Icestorm quickstart.

A Nomad Spektr (left) and a PanO Svarlheima Nisse. Painted & Photographed by Sparks.

Since then I’ve picked up the main rulebook, some tokens, and an extra mini for each of PanO and Nomads. I’m also going to get Operation Red Veil as soon as it releases – that’s another two faction starter set this time featuring Yu Jing and Haaqislam.

There’s plenty more I want to collect as well. Ariadna and Haaqislam are easily my favourite factions, but I want to get the two supplemental books and intend to collect a three hundred or so point force for at least the four factions I’ll have starter forces for. But I’m really keen on Ariadna too, so I might make it five factions. Then we’ll look at getting some sort of campaign going.

We also kicked off a new monthly event – a Painting & Wargames day. One Sunday a month we’ll have a morning of painting minis followed by an afternoon of playing wargames. This month a few games of Infinity and one or maybe two of CAV got played. Mostly between Sparks and a friend, I got distracted by I don’t even remember what in the earlier parts and then by a meal I’ll write about below in the arvo.

Anyway, enough rambling about Infinity.

There have been two Dresden Files games since I last wrote – though I’ve never actually done a write-up for a DF session. They’re starting to pick up. I’m still really not a fan of FATE and I don’t think I’ll renew this story with this system once I finish the current arc.

We had a Demon game. I took a lot less notes than usual on account of being mostly unconscious. I shall endeavour to turn this into a write-up at some point in the not impossibly distant future.

Little Miss Abigail wanted a try at DMing. And a comfy seat where she could see everyone and their food.

Of course there was a Whitecliff game. I won’t say much here except that I didn’t have the season tool ready but that was fine ‘cos we spent too long in scene play to get to any season play anyway 😀

Oh and there was another Fragged Empire game too. Leena was invisible but otherwise failed at everything she tried. Even stuff she had +3’s in. I really should get around to writing that review of the FE system.


A good friend had her birthday party and housewarming in early July. I’d planned to take a selection of food along. Some chocolate / ice-cream bon-bons didn’t go to plan and the day got away from me and so in the end all I took was the first Cobb I’d ever done. A four cheese dip. I didn’t find it particularly tasty, but others seemed to enjoy with it disappearing in fairly short order.

Pumpkin soup in cobb loaves. Om nom.

My Mum & brother came around for dinner on my brother’s last day in Australia for a couple of years. This coincided with the painting & wargaming day and I ended up just inviting everyone to stay for dinner. I made pumpkin & bacon soup. Well bacon-ish. It was a smoked hock which I bought from my new favourite group of people. Once a fortnight The Atherton Farms have a stall at the Gawler Farmer Markets. They’re “purveyors of ethically raised meat”. Having found them means I’m no longer largely vegetarian. Also, they have bacon to die for. Seriously. The shoulder bacon. Oh god so tasty.
I served the pumpkin soup up in cobb loaves, which worked really well. Then I ate leftover pumpkin soup for a week. Which did not work well.

When I got the hock and bacon from Atherton, I also picked up a pack of lamb mince and had a go at some lamb burgers. They turned out okay.

Meat! Ethical meat!

The following fortnight, I hit up their stall again and picked up MOAR BACON, a couple of hocks (gonna try baking some beans with one of them), plus a sizeable bolar roast which I’ll put to good use tomorrow.

Whilst at the markets I also found a guy who sells relishes. The best relishes. I now have a relish guy. Yes, I’ve become one of those people.
I also picked up some chicken & tarragon mince from a Saskia Beer stall. It made for some damned tasty patties, but too expensive for what you get.

I spent a day cooking with an old friend too, we made a taco braid, curly fries (sort of), and pear crisp pudding. The curly fries encountered difficulties (we still ate them). The taco braid was tasty, though I’m not convinced it’s worth the extra effort. The pear crisp pudding in individual ramekins was om-nom-nommy.

Taco braid. Nom nom nom

There were a few other cooking experiments too, but I think the above is more than enough detail for y’all.


I saw Ghostbusters (awesome) and Star Trek Beyond (meh) with various peoples. I went for drinks with the Grad Crew and with others more times than my liver cares to remember. Two birthday parties, a hike or three by myself, a card night (read: drink & don’t actually play cards) with work colleagues, helping Dad move heavy furniture, and a catch-up with an old uni friend I’ve not seen in a year or two. Plus, of course, a full-time schedule at work, making progress on my various personal projects, and very occasionally having a nap. Oh and a couple of family dinners.

I also got to catch up with Sew Nerd on with of her returns to South Australia. We hiked from Waterfull Gully up to Mt Lofty summit. It was steep. Both of us had sore legs for a day or three afterwards. At the top we split a grazing plate of perfect nomminess. The feature picture for this post is a panorama I took at the look out. The trip back down the hill was much faster despite our full bellies and we stopped at the bottom for cake and drinks at Utopia. All up a great day as always.

I’m the little blue smudge. (Photo by Sew Nerd)

I’ll try not to let things go so long between updates. And I’ll try to get some more session reports and other musings posted. But no promises – August isn’t as insane as July, but here’s a sampling of what I’ve got on over the next three weeks:

3 game sessions (Demon, Whitecliff, and Dungeon World)
Hosting a scotch and burger night
A friend’s birthday party (at the Wheaty!)
Drinks with an old friend that will almost certainly end in taxis and sizeable tabs
Hosting a dinner party (roast beef ommity nommity)
A painting & wargaming day
The need to get the Whitecliff season tool to a usable point (anywhere between 4 and 20 hours work depending on how things go and how well my current idea of usable matches up with reality)

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