Weekly Update

Weekly Update #7

This week was a bust on the goal’s front. So, instead here’s a partial selection of the stuff I got up to this week:

  • Got to know many of my workmates out of work at a colleague’s housewarming. Their house is amazing. I didn’t know houses could be that nice.
  • Caught up with a mate for lunch at the Central Markets.
  • Prepped for and ran a good Whitecliff session.
  • Made it into work for 7.30 every day bar one. And worked a bit of overtime too.
  • Played 12 hours of Hearts of Iron IV. It went fairly well, but a few strategic errors in the mid game have come home to roost and I think the western front is lost. Shame, but the only way to learn is to play for 60 hours 😀
  • Went to Big Shed Brewing and then the Warradale for an old friend’s birthday. Was a pretty top notch day – had an awesome halloumi burger at Big Shed.
  • Wrote a draft of the session report for Whitecliff and did a bit of investigation on coding up a tool to help run sessions.

So. Yeah. A busy week even if I didn’t really achieve any of the goals I set out too.

This week:

  1. Post something other than this weekly update.
  2. Go for a hike.
  3. Take some time to relax with a book.
  4. Prep for Dungeon World.

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