Weekly Update

Weekly Update #6

Was it a short week? It feels like it was a short week.

  1. I made roast pumpkin wraps one night and a coconut satay over falafels and mixed veg another night.
  2. I went for a hike at Hale Conservation Park. It was just an hour loop, but damn it was good to get out there.
  3. I did not put my DSLR up on gumtree.
  4. I did no ironing in advance. Mostly because my washing got rained on and so I couldn’t.
  5. I am more prepped for this session than any other I’ve run. And I’m gonna do some more tonight too.
  6. Erm. Yeah. Look. Unicode is really fucking hard, okay. Also, I got distracted writing drafts for two other posts. And spiralling into a dark place of sugary, salty snacks and multiple seasons of Flashpoint. Also, I started watching The Shield for the first time. Anywho.

Overall: Eh. Not my finest week. Others shall be better. And apparently, I didn’t save any photos of relevant stuff this week. Which is weird. I remember taking some. Must’ve all been snapchats or something.

Failing at the same task for a few weeks in a row helps no one. So, I’m instituting a new rule to not carry fail

Next week:

  1. Cook a meal (just the one, my evenings are chockas this week)
  2. Declutter something
  3. Iron a shirt the night before it’s needed
  4. Finish one of the three draft blog posts (Character primitives / Fairies in Whitecliff / Hacking on nWoD)
  5. Finish a session write-up

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