Weekly Update

Weekly Update #5

Last week’s goals:

  1. I cooked, though I don’t remember how many times. I’ve a pic of an awesome grilled cheese I threw together one lazy night. I also had a cooking day with an old friend where we made potato & paneer stuffed capsicum/mushroom, broccoli & rice stuffed capsicum/mushroom/sweet potato, a curry sauce from scratch, and apple-baked cheesecakes. The cheesecakes were especially tasty, but more about that day in a separate post I think.
  2. I didn’t go for a hike. Partly because I had a headache all weekend and partly because Hearts of Iron IV came out and the Eastern Front needed dealing with.
  3. I’ve arranged to give a bunch of my board games to some friends, probably halving my collection – and getting rid of just about all the ones I’d feel bad just chucking. Not much progress and nothing’s left my house yet, but any progress is good 😀
  4. I’ve made a few more notes about the Maso post. Unicode is *hard* and between laziness, Hearts of Iron, and that damned headache it wasn’t happening. Sigh. I will do better on this one.
  5. A bit of Whitecliff content got made, and I’ve got a draft world-building post about fairies mostly done.
  6. Whitecliff got a session report too.

Overall – Cooking was a big yes, partial progress on everything else but the hike. I’d say that’s a pretty good week. Especially considering the 27 hours I dropped on Hearts of Iron over two days…

Next week’s goals:

  1. Moar cooking!
  2. A hike, for the love of all that is holy
  3. Put my DSLR up on gumtree and find some stuff to chuck out
  4. Do my ironing in one lump instead of having to hurriedly do it each morning.
  5. Be ready for next week’s Whitecliff session
  6. Finish that Maso/unicode post and do at least one other blog post.

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