Weekly Update

Weekly Update #3

Way late on posting this up, because failtasm.

Outcome of last week’s goals:

  1. I cooked two new meals. And decided that stirfry is a daft metric, because it turns out most things aren’t really any harder than a stirfry once I work out more-or-less what I’m doing. Also roasting vegetables is orders of magnitude easier than I thought. I was scared for no good reason.
  2. I went for a sort-of-hike. In that I took Abby for a decent length walk around the burbs. I will get out this Sunday for something better. It’s long overdue and I’ve no idea why.
  3. I failed to declutter.
  4. I made some progress on implementing the solution for issue #14 for Maso. Though mostly it was an exercise in Rust’s borrow checker kicking my arse up and down the street all weekend.
  5. Yeah, I just didn’t get around to the blog post for issue #15.
  6. Whitecliff had a solid playtest, with some semi-decent write-up done before hand. The core system changed heavily, but ran so much better. This is the first playtest that didn’t have me looking at major rewrites to the core. Lots of prep work to do before the next playtest, but we’re more in the realm of content building rather than core mechanics now. Huzzah!
  7. Less long weekly update. Check. Relevant pictures. Well, there’s the header pic…

Overall: Hey, I did better than I thought I had. Maybe this is helping.

This week’s goals:

  1. Cook two meals.
  2. Decent hike – nothing shorter than Warren Tower.
  3. Buy a hydration bladder for the longer hikes.
  4. Look at some wet weather gear for hiking.
  5. Write the Maso blog I didn’t do last week.
  6. Git rid of some clutter. Anything’ll do, just make some damned progress on this front.
  7. Make content for WhiteCliff – at least 2 blueprints and 4 resources.

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