Weekly Update

Weekly Update #2

The week did not go well. Random happenstance saw me late to work more days than I’d like to see in a month, let alone a week. Making that time up ate into my evenings. And then my nuisance-cold turned into a can’t-walk-200m-without-needing-a-nap cold on Friday and is still going strong today (boooooo).

I got two meals cooked. I did BBQ Pulled Sweet Potato burgers – which I’ve done before and taste awesome. They had a side of oven-baked zucchini chips. Neither turned out as well as last time, but they were still pretty damned awesome – especially since I cooked them Friday night when I was half unconscious.

The second meal was a vege patty on a bed of spinach topped with alfala sprouts and a tomato & cracked pepper relish. That was new to me – and randomly assembled as I wandered around the supermarket (props to Sew Nerd for the sprouts idea from which the rest followed). It didn’t turn out brilliantly, but I’d like to experiment with it some more. Bean sprouts instead of alfalfa would be a good start. It needs a bit more bite to it too – some seasoning in the spinach perhaps. Also I can try a collection of different vege patties or maybe make my own. We’ll see what happens.

I took lunch twice, but that’s boring so lets move on. I failed completely on the Whitecliff front and the two exercise goals. Victims of this damnable cold.

I wrote up three (#13, #14, and #15) rather than four issues for Maso, but I’m pretty happy with that. Writing them up has made me feel like I’ve got a much better grasp on where I’m headed with Maso and is helping get my head back into a more academic / formal mindset rather than just hacking on the edges of things. All very good.

This week’s goals:

  1. Cook two meals more involved than stirfry. One should be new to me.
  2. Go for a hike on the weekend.
  3. Sell, donate, or trash some of the clutter I identified last week.
  4. Implement one of the Maso issues.
  5. Write up a blog post answering Maso issue #15.
  6. Write some stuff up for the Whitecliff playtest before it happens
  7. Be less long-winded in next week’s update and include a relevant picture or two.


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