Weekly Update

Weekly Update #1


Inspired by some recent success at getting more focused on projects by having a fortnightly check-in with some friends in a chat room, I’ve decided that at the start of each week (either Sunday or Monday night depending on commitments), I’m going to post a list of goals I’d like to achieve in the following week. The idea is that the whole list is something I can relatively easily accomplish given whatever I’ve already got on that week. And the next week, I’ll write a little about any of the goals I failed at or where success was interesting.

This week’s goals:

  • Cook two meals. At least one of which I’ve not cooked before and both of which require more effort than a stirfry.
  • Take a packed lunch to work twice.
  • Go for a 2+ hour hike one morning on the weekend.
  • Find something old, unused, and unloved to sell, trash, or give away.
  • Get up early before work one morning and run 4K.
  • Write four moderately detailed enhancement issues for Maso.
  • Write a few hundred words about the move-based approach for Whitecliff and why it probably won’t work no matter how much I want it to.

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