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Stage 1 – Take 2 – Day 1 – Prompted | During – The Bowling Alley

If you ask me, the bowling alley is the creepiest place in all of During. Empire Bowl it was called. I worked there twenty years ago when a was a pimple-faced teen. Serving customers, cleaning shoes, trying not to get caught noticing Lorelei Reinhardt She’s now married, divorced, and married again. She has four children and, if Facebook is anything to judge by, a large pack of assorted dogs. Of course that was Before. Who knows if she even survived time’s end. We never did hook up. I went to talk to her one day and Ken Williams, one of the many banes of my high school days, gave me a black eye before I even got to say hello. She did smile at me though. That made my year.

I’m not so lame any more. I’m a bit of a bigshot here in During. Everyone likes to think that if the apocalypse happened tomorrow that they’d be amongst the kings and erstwhile survivors. Of course, most people end up broken and limping from meal to meal and shelter to shelter. I got lucky and stumbled across some useful tools when time ended and During became our new reality. That’s why they call me Lucky Luke. In this new existence, the right tools can be the difference between living like a king and dying like a pauper.

This piece was from another /r/writingprompts prompt. Obviously, there’s more to come, because we haven’t gotten very far with the whole bowling alley thing yet.

In unfortunate news, I went to bed yesterday, after 12 hours of working on my kitchen and as I lay there, all but asleep, I suddenly remembered I hadn’t written yet. After a moment’s thought I said fuck it and a few moments after that it was the next morning.

So, I’m back to day 1. Sigh. I was thinking about changing the rules for this next take. I’m wondering if I wouldn’t get better results by posting a longer piece on three set days of the week and making that the challenge. But I can’t decide and I don’t want to stop writing whilst I make up my mind – ‘cos if I do that, I’ll never start again. So, here we go again.

Amusingly, 100 days from today is New Year’s…

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