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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 23 – Fractured Earth – Dark Book

This piece continues on from day 22.

If I’m going to tell you my story, I should introduce myself. My name is Fiona Brown. I’m a twenty-six year old Australian girl. I work in hospitality and occasionally as a dancer. I was raised by my mum. I’d been told my dad died fighting a fire when I was just a babe in arms, but apparently mum lied about that. He was a fire fighter. But he didn’t die. He discovered magic. Shadow magic to be more precise. Mum kicked him out and told him never to come back.

It wasn’t because of the magic. Most people don’t believe in magic – myself included until that day he woke me and changed my life. I never would have thought that my mum believed in magic, but apparently she knew it existed and she knew that the magical world was a dangerous one. She wanted none of it. And so she told dad to give it up or leave.

He left.

When I first learnt that I was pretty upset. I mean, who chooses a hobby over their child? But I understand now. Once the shadow is inside you, you can’t give it up. You can only choose how you use it. And he, mostly, used it to help others. Which meant he annoyed people. Bad people. Bad magical people. And so they hunted him. His leaving kept us safe for the better part of a quarter of a century. And then social media came along and I plastered my face and name all over the internet and one day someone researching dear old dad puts three and three together and comes up with six.

And so we have to run.

Does anyone know where I got the name Fiona Brown from? It just popped into my head when I was thinking of names. But it seems really familiar. Like it’s the name of another character. Or perhaps someone I knew briefly or something? Or maybe I’ve just gone insane(r).

I’ve discovered an issue with writing about new characters in this challenge. I can’t easily change details when I feel like it. In retrospect, I’d rather it be her grandfather than her dad that she’s running with. But that’s not what I wrote last night. It’s okay with more established characters like Derek, because I’ve already revised their back story a thousand times in my head or in notes and so there aren’t so many big things to fuck up. Oh well. I’ll stick with it being her dad for now and then if I ever do a rewrite, I’ll look at changing it.

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