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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 21 – Prompted | Fractured Earth – Dark Day

It was the light that gave it away or, rather, it was the lack of light. I work nights and sleep days. Well, mostly I fail to sleep days. I haven’t had a good day’s sleep in a decade. My apartment is almost as run-down as I am and the tattered old blanket that serves as a curtain can’t keep the gloomy winter light out, let alone the bright summer sun. But when I awoke with a start that day my room was pitch black. Darker than I’d ever experienced in my life. It was so dark, I couldn’t bring myself to breathe. I lay there in the dark silence, my eyes darting about trying to make out something, anything, but to no avail. I strained to hear, but all I heard was the deafening thump of my heart. The space between the beats grew shorter and shorter. I itched to flee the room, to find somewhere safe, somewhere lit, but fear kept me still. Then, it that space between the beats, a voice spoke in my ear “Shhh. Listen to me very carefully.”

I tried to scream. It wasn’t a voluntary, conscious decision. It just happened. I was terrified and my body took over and decided to scream. A strong hand clamped down over my mouth, stifling the scream before it started. The man sighed. It was an old, weary sigh. “Please. Be quiet and listen. There isn’t much time. They’re coming”

This piece was from another /r/WritingPrompts prompt. I’ll probably write the next part tomorrow night.

Edit: Thanks to Sparks for pointing out that “was” != “wasn’t”…

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