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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 17 – Fractured Earth – Purple Roots

Today’s piece continues directly on from day 15.

Chelsea sobbed under the hot water for a few long minutes, then sniffed twice and ran her hands over her face and hair, wiping away the tears and water. She sighed, cracked her neck to each side, and opened her eyes. And saw her arms were covered in pulsing lines of blue and purple light. They started where her wrist met her palm and wound up and around until they split at her shoulder, one branch continuing to her back and another down to her breast, circling it and splitting further as it travelled down towards her belly. The left and right line both split in to dozens of smaller lines, branching out like the roots of a tree. They wove together and with other, tiny branches that came around the sides of her waist from her back. She watched mesmerised, as the lines pulsed, flickering between blue and black and purple, seemingly lit from within. Tentatively, she ran a finger over the lines on her belly. It felt like her normal skin, but with a slight tingle to it. As she watched, the lines continued to pulse and fade until finally all trace of them was gone.

She got out of the shower without washing herself, towelled off, and went and sat on her bed. After several quiet minutes, she spoke three words – What the fuck?

Whelp, we still don’t know what upset her 😦

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