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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 16 – Fractured Earth – Acrimony on Being Dead

This is more from Acrimony. It roughly follows on from day 13, but isn’t really all that linked. It’s pretty much just exposition. I like Acrimony as a character, but if I was going to use him, it’d probably be in the introductory chapter of a Fractured Earth RPG book rather than in fiction. Anyways, enough 2am rambling from me, on with the rambling of Acrimony.

Right. That’s another pint down. Where was I? Ah yes. Being Dead. It’s got advantages. And a downside or eight. There are two really notable ones. Firstly, you’re dead, so you can’t really die. That might sound handy, but after a couple of hundred years of trying to make friends and then watching them grow old and die, it starts to wear a little thin. Also, you learn that whilst the human race may learn new things and invent wondrous magics, they never really make any progress on being nice to each other. Or, for that matter, on the much lower target of not being total twats.

Secondly, nobody likes you. Once you become a reaper, you subconsciously remind mortals of their mortality. The longer you’ve been a reaper, the more souls you’ve ushered across, the more incursions you’ve excised, the more deaths you’ve witnessed, the worse it gets. The mortals don’t pick up on it consciously. They just find you off-putting or creepy. Or, if you’re old enough, outright scary.

There are upsides. You get retractable wings. That’s pretty cool. Mortals will fail to notice you – even with your wings on display – unless you do something to get their attention. And when you pop those wings out, you pick up a few powers. I like to use it to strut down crowded streets. No body sees the wings, but they all step around them. You can wander through Time Square on New Year’s Eve and have a 2m buffer of space around you. It’s marvellous.
Can’t fly though. I’m still disappointed about that. And for some reason, our wings are always black and feathery. I’m pretty sure we’re responsible for the stories about demons.

Anyway, if you want to hear more, you’ll need to buy another round. We don’t get pay cheques, you know.

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