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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 15 – Fractured Earth – Hot Tears

Today’s piece continues directly from day 14.

It wasn’t until Chelsea was running up the long, winding driveway to her house that she realised just how far she had run. Eighteen kilometres. In under an hour. That was half again her previous personal best. She hurt, oh how she hurt. But she also felt invigorated and alive and like she could run for another hour.

But she couldn’t do that. It was six. She had half-an-hour to shower, eat, and dress and then she had to start her day. Moving quickly and without ceremony, she stripped out of her running clothes, discarding them on the bathroom floor as she stepped into the shower. She relaxed as the hot water seeped into her sore muscles and held her head under the stream.

For a few, short, blissful moments she enjoyed the peace and serenity of the shower. And then her mind started working again. Last night came back to her in a series of painful flashes of memory. Some caused her to grimace and others to wince. She turned and put her face straight under the stream of water. That way she could tell herself she wasn’t crying, it was just the water running down her cheeks.

Oh hey, that’s 200 words (well, 198), I guess we have to wait for tomorrow to see if we get to learn what happened last night.

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