Creative Writing · Poetry · Stage 1

Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 11 – Miscellaneous – Once Upon A Sunlit Night

Once upon a sunlit night,

I fought and fought to make it right.

And on that night, I did cry.

For all the children, they did die.

We marched and marched in the dark.

And none of us thought it a lark.

We chased a forboding hill.

Where many demons, we would kill.

Atop that damn’d hill we stood,

Not that it would do any good.

Lined back to back, we did wait,

As demons rushed us to our fate.

We struck with sword, axe, and mace.

My friends spilled their blood for that place.

There forged our fraternity.

There they lay for eternity.

I found myself without hope

And trudged back down that cursed slope

I saw the demons banished

And thought my fears would be vanished

But in my brain they remain

And so my life, I live in pain.

I fought and fought to make it right,

Once upon a sunlit night.

Poetry is fucking hard. I’ve stayed up well past my bedtime – it’s nearly 2!

And it’s less than the intended word count, but I’m not writing another verse and I think it’s fair to say it meets my challenge for the day. After all, I spent about three times as long on this piece as on any of the ten that have come before it.

Mayhaps I’ll keep my dabbling with poetry to quoting it in my prose…
Actually, I’m pretty happy with the poem. It’s the first one I’ve written since high school where I’ve paid even cursory attention to the metre. And whilst the metre is quite poor in some parts, it’s a lot better than I’d expected, and it started coming a lot more readily than I’d expected by the end of the exercise. So perhaps, rather than doing less poetry, I should do more 😀

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