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Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 7 – Fractured Earth – Made Man III

Holy hell, I made it a week without missing a day! Go me! Today’s piece follows directly on from day 6.

“A hospital. Such as it is.”

“Erm, shouldn’t you be reassuring me that you and doctors are top notch and doing more than enough to make me better and that it doesn’t matter that I seem to be in a tent that doesn’t even have a floor?”

“I could do that, but I prefer the truth. Plus, I’m not with the hospital. I’ll leave pointless reassurance to the professionals.”

“You’re not a nurse? Why are you here?”

“I’m here for you.” The words had a finality to them that made the soldier’s mouth go dry. He barely managed to contain a fearful squeak.

“For me? Am I a celebrity now? I’m no war hero, all I did was sit in the back of a lorry whilst some two bit nonce drove it off a cliff.”

“My understanding is that it was less a cliff and more a small embankment.”

“Seemed tall enough to be a cliff when I was falling off it. Do you know how bad my injuries are? How are Lockie and Canary and the rest of the squad?”

“I’ve no idea about your mates. Your arm is broken in half a dozen places and you have major damage to your internal organs. The doctors didn’t expect you to wake up at all.”

So, yeah, I saw a talk by Neil Gaiman the other day where he said everyone has a million bad words in them and the way to be a good writer is to get that million out of you as fast as possible. Well, that there’s a pretty solidly bad 200 words. So, only several hundred thousand to go!

More seriously, I was writing this whilst pretty tired at the end of a weekend of being on call, so I’mma cut myself some slack. And, more importantly, it was useful in that I learnt that I need to focus on improving my dialogue. A lot. Which I find mildly amusing, because I’ve run an awful lot of RPGs in my days and when I do them I find dialogue easier and descriptions of scenes / actions harder. It’s interesting that in this medium I find the reverse to be true.

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