Creative Writing · Fractured Earth · Stage 1

Stage 1 – Take 1 – Day 1 – Fractured Earth – The Black and Green Dress I

A city, Somewhere in the Rhineland, 1947:

His late shift at the factory finished, Heinrich walked home yawning and fighting to keep his eyes open. He stepped out in front of a car, which slid to a halt, its horn blaring. He muttered an apology and quickened his pace to finish crossing the road. As he stepped on to the curb, he felt a pair of hands shove him in his lower back with inhuman strength. He flew forwards, cracking his head on the ruined brick wall and fell to his knees retching. Before he could stand, he was kicked in the ribs. Hard. The force flipped him over and he landed heavily on the broken concrete. The first thing he noticed about his assailant was her black and green dress, like something out of a Victorian court. The second thing he noticed was that she had wings. Large, black, feathery wings. He screamed and tried to push himself backwards into the wall, away from her. She smiled and stepped forward, speaking “Scream, little one. Scream until you can scream no more. And then I shall take my vengeance upon your foulness.”

What the hell is going on?

So, I’ve set myself a new challenge and it’s probably going to drive me mad. I’m going to write 200 words* every day for 100 days. If I miss a day**, the day counter resets to 0 and I start again. Once I reach 100 days, I either quit, or go to the next stage. The next stage will be either an increase in the word count or adding an extra writing related activity (like editing / re-writing old stories or something).

For the first stage, the writing is only draft quality. I’ll write it and post it*** in a single sitting with minimal editing or revising, so don’t go expecting anything readable.

Valid topics include any fiction or poetry. Some philosophical musings may be tolerated, but nothing political or overly analytical. This is meant to be creative writing.

The post titles will always state what stage I’m on, how many times I’ve started this stage from 0 (the take), what day I’m up to, what universe this story is set in, and a title for the piece.

Expect to see stories that span over the course of several posts, probably over dozens of posts.

Foot notes

*: plus or minus 10%, so 180 to 220. If I feel like it, I can go over the word count once a week, but no more regularly than that.

**: No excuses. Well. Few excuses. Having a cold isn’t a valid excuse. Being busy isn’t a valid excuse. A loved one being hospitalised is.

***: The posting may sometimes happen later but only if circumstances preclude posting at the time (like having to hand write it due to time constraints or something)

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