Best Book Ever

On many an occasion, I’ve compared my ability to draw to that of a particularly untalented preschooler. Normally claiming that the preschooler is vastly better than I am.

I decided that it’s high time I did something about that. There are so many cool ideas I want to do in the various worlds that I build and so many of them would be much easier to convey in a visual medium. I’m not expecting to be a fantastic, or even decent, artist. I simply don’t have that sort of time to invest. But there’s no reason why I can’t get to a point where my work is at least a vaguely recognisable version of whatever it is I was drawing.

And I love drawing maps. I’ve scribbled more than a few over the years, but the ugliness of everything after the coast line turns me off from putting more effort in. I’m hoping that by learning some basic techniques that I can get to a point where I can produce the occasional decent map for whatever game I’m currently running.

To that end, I picked up a copy of You Can Draw In 30 Days by Mark Kistler, which was recommended to me by just about every site I looked at and every person I spoke too. I started the first 20-minute lesson today. I wasn’t going to say anything about learning to draw until I’d finished the 30 lessons, but I’m so excited by the fact that I drew an apple that actually kinda looks like an apple, that I’ve decided to merge my drawing goal with my desire to post here more often. I’ll be posting my efforts here as I go.

I guess the house kinda looks like a house...
So you’ve got something to see how far you’ve come over the 30 lessons, you start by drawing without any aid or tips a house, a plane, and a bagel.
Sunglasses are cool now.
It’s a sphere! And a slightly square apple!

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