Run, er, Walking

Sadly, I have been banned from running for the next little while by my physio, so I’ll be bowing out of my running challenge. No steak dinners for anyone on account of medical injuries are a get-out-of-bet-free card. I have acquired an exercise bike which I’m allowed to use if my knee doesn’t hurt, so hopefully I can still get some of my old fitness back.

In other news, ninjas are cool.

Also, I finished moving my blog over to wordpress.com a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to ask if my friends who use rss to read my ramblings can still see my posts. If one of you happens to see this, could you let me know?

And because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered finding a wordpress.com theme that closely matched the one I used to use, we have this new bright white thing. So far I actually kind of like it, so I think I’ll keep it.

Keep your eyes peeled for some updates in the not impossibly distant future. I have a few posts in the works that I’m hopeful will get published in the next couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “Run, er, Walking

  1. Yeah, seconded. 😦 And it showed up fine in my RSS feed too. But I had to come across to the site to see your shiny white thing (and to comment, obviously).
    You know, I think you might get more comments from my fiancee than I do. 😛


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