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Smiling Quolls and Sleepy Steaks

Quick Links

Smiling Mind

A friend, @mattner_d, pointed me in the general direction of Smiling Mind a site with a proper science-y sort of approach to meditation. Run by a group in Victoria, it has a structured set of meditation sessions to introduce people to the practice. It’s mostly aimed at younger people, but I tried out the first session last night and it was easily one of the best guided meditations I’ve tried since I started meditating nearly a month ago. The course costs nothing, but if you want more than the first session you do have to set up an account on their site.

Quoll Writer

For the writerly sorts amongst my readers, I found an interesting piece of open source software that I’m now using to keep track of my stories – Quoll Writer. It’s a little rough around the edges in parts and I’m not sold yet, but I’m going to try it out until the end of May. In June, I’m thinking I’ll try out Scrivener and maybe do a report / comparison here if anyone is interested (or even if you’re not, I do love the sound of my own voice).

Steaky Challenges

I’ve been up by 0615 all but two days so far. So, I can still fuck up twice more before a couple of people get steak dinners. But I’m feeling more confident now. The last few days I’ve woken up just before my alarm went off and getting out of bed has been relatively easy.

I haven’t been tweeting when I get up though. I did for the first couple of days, but I felt I was basically just spamming my followers. What do people think? Is tweeting a ‘good morning’ and 6 every day for a month overly spammy and annoying? If it is, then I need to offer some other way for people to keep me honest & to improve their ability to get free steak. So, if anyone wants me to, let me know and I’ll send you an email when I get up every day.

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