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Weeks Fly By

The days crawl by and the weeks fly by.

Our perception of time certainly is strange and March Madness certainly doesn’t help. This post started out as basically a laundry list of things I failed to do in the last week. However, I’m reliably informed that constantly focusing on what I failed to achieve and never on what I did achieve is a bad habit. So, here’s a bit about what I did this week. Warning: inane drivel of little interest to those who aren’t me ahead.

I edited the first part of The Longest Eulogy (not re-published yet), based on some awesome feedback and criticism from the friend whose opinion of my writing I most respect. I wrote the first 1500-or-so words of the second part of The Longest Eulogy.

I played the first 12 years of my turn in an alternating lives game of Crusader Kings 2. This might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but it’s taken me a month to get around to starting on my turn…

I practiced playing the guitar for an hour and I’ve practiced my French skills using Duolingo – at least one and often half-a-dozen lessons every day for a fortnight now. (hat tip to Witter Daily for introducing me to Duolingo). I’ve also switched a few games and a bunch of websites I frequent over to using French, which will hopefully help too. If anyone wants to chat in truly terrible French, hit me up.

Duolingo and conversations with friends about learning languages also sparked a renewed interest in linguistics, so I went off and read an introductory primer. It was quite informative in revealing just how little I know about linguistics which is awesome.

I also read the second of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

The small tasks are often the ones I struggle with the most. So, I’m a little impressed that I did two loads of laundry this week instead of just the bare minimum one that’ll get me through the work week without embarrassing myself…

When I look back over this list, not finishing the Longest Eulogy, the laundry list of unfinished and unstarted tasks doesn’t feel quite so bad. Still, I can’t shake the idea that I’m not doing enough and not doing things well enough. Next week: less failing, more accomplishing.

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