A Supposed Return

I’ve been working on some fiction for the last little while and with the return of a good friend to the blogosphere, I feel compelled to start releasing some of it. I’m also thinking of documenting some of my explorations in programming language design and development and maybe in learning how operating systems work by building one in Rust.

I’ll be aiming to put one piece of fiction and one other piece up each week. We’ll see how it goes…

The fiction I’m writing is less about being a creative writing exercise and more about world development (‘cos that’s the part I find most fun). No doubt some of the pieces will be truly terrible first drafts. I’ve got some story lines planned out, but expect it to jump between characters and time periods and don’t expect it to all tie together in the end. The stories tie together only insofar as they’re set in the same universe. It’s a modern-day supernatural setting which I’m calling Fractured Earth. In addition to the new works, the pieces collected under the Ripples of a Darker Nature and possibly the Wanderer tags take place in it. And if I ever get around to re-writing the John Blakewell pieces (really the whole Australian police commissioner of a fictitious island in the south Pacific part was unnecessary and ludicrous), then they’ll go in to this universe too.

The first new piece will be up later tonight. If you’re looking for something to read in the meantime go and check out Witter Daily, my current favourite blog.

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