Weekly Update

Weekly Update #3

I am terrible at blogging on a regular basis. I blame my daily commute.

I’ll try to keep the update briefer this time:

  • Charlotteville – The website is growing nicely and the game is starting to get to the point where I don’t have to put in 12 hours of prep for a chance at a halfway terrible session. Another few sessions and I reckon it might even start being good…
  • Games – I still can’t talk about a game I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing. No progress on anything else, though I did play a bit of Warlock on Sunday.
  • TV Shows – Catching up on Bones and Castle.
  • Music – Chose my piece for the Christmas Concert. Beethoven’s 5th narrowly lost out. You’ll have to wait a bit to hear more about what I did choose. Guitar is coming along nicely, I think I’ll be at a point where I can play enough stuff at the end of this term that I can give up lessons and maybe claw back some precious free time.
  • City-to-Bay – looking increasingly unlikely, but I’m back in weekly PT sessions with my old trainer, so we’ll see.
  • Uni – I have assignments due starting next week. I should probably do them.
  • Renovations and Project 2011 – No progress

I’ve been doing a lot of overtime at work lately and am in desperate need of a nap. It’s starting to look like I might get one this weekend. If that does happen, then with a little bit of luck I’ll have some news about a couple of new projects.

Before you ask, yes, I know that I’m a masochist and need to take on less things.

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