Weekly Update

Weekly Update #2

So, yeah, twice a week is totally happening…

Here’s this weeks update:

  • Project2011 – Development still on hold whilst I consider a lot of design issues. Also because the time I have for dev work has been given over to Charlotteville.
  • Charlotteville – The website now allows you to log in & alter character details. There’s  still a lot to add, but I’m fairly happy with how it’s going. The game itself has now had two sessions. The second was a bit of a fizzler due to a few players being sick, my having spent too much time on dev and not enough on prep, and the story being at a point where some characters have lots to do and others have basically nothing.
  • Games
    • Finished my first Civ V Gods and Kings. Really wish I had more time to play that.
    • Deus Ex – I’m up to just before the first boss fight (I think). Finding time has been an issue.
    • I can’t talk about this game.
    • I’ve logged a few hours on BF3 as well.
    • We won’t talk about my installing Peggle the other day…
  • TV Shows – Rewatching Covert Affairs. Catching up on Nikita and Rizzoli & Isles. I’m super keen for Newsroom and Leverage.
  • City-to-Bay training – I am a lazy, lazy man.
  • Music – I’ve been a little slack here of late, but I think a lot of that is just because this week has been crazy exhausting. Hopefully I’ll do better this afternoon and next week.
  • Renovations – ha!
  • Further Education – Uni starts next week. In classic Comp Sci style, no details are available for any of my courses beyond when the first lecture is. Very much hoping they put something online soon, because I can’t make it to the lectures. So, if it turns out that they’re not going to do that, then I may have to drop the courses. I doubt work’ll be happy with me taking an extra couple of hours off a week to go to class.

Later today I want to put up a better post. We’ll see what happens. Curse my inability to move things beyond the draft stage.

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