Weekly Update

Weekly Update #1

I’ve been thinking about my recent pact with one of my blog buddies that we’d both post twice a week. Specifically, I’ve been considering how I’m going to come up with stuff worth writing about that doesn’t require an excess of research time.

A few weeks back I posted a list of where I was at with the various projects I have on the go. Whilst that’s probably not of massive interest to most of you, it was really useful to write. It helps give me a perspective on my achievements and productivity that I otherwise find hard to maintain.

So, I’ve decided that once a week I’ll post an update on what’s happened with my various projects. There might be some vaguely interesting things in there occasionally (like audio clips of me playing one of the instruments I’m learning) or links to some of the web dev stuff I’m doing. The other post each week will be on a random topic or might expand on something in my current project list – I’ve got enough different things going on at the moment that it’s hard to add extras…

Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Project2011 – The hex grid has had some minor improvements. Mostly Project2011 has been in design mode as I consider different ways to handle map creation. There are a lot of considerations around world shape. There seem to be two common games – a map that is only part of the world and thus has hard borders or a map that loops at the right and left sides of the screen and is thus basically a cylinder. A few games make use of maps that also loop at the top and bottom of the screen, which effectively makes them a torus (basically a donut). I’m keen to have something vaguely spherical, but hexagons don’t tessellate like that. A conundrum.
    • Oh, and it still needs a new name.
  • Games
    • Civ V Gods & Kings didn’t capture my soul like I thought it would. It seems quite a solid expansion, but really it just feels like what Civ V should’ve been from the start. I’m struggling to play it because it’s such an investment of time to finish just one game.
    • Endless Space – I bought this back fairly early in its open beta. It made full release a little while ago and I found myself playing in on the weekend. A solid 4X space game. Much fun but, like Civ, the games are just too long.
    • Deus Ex – A friend of mine recently played through Human Revolution for the first time. He hadn’t played through the original before. After chatting with him about it for a while, I decided I’d just play through HR. I’ve never played the original and, to be honest, the idea of playing a game that old just doesn’t appeal to me given the limited time I have available at the moment. I’ve logged up 3 hours so far and am loving it.
  • TV Shows – Finished watching Suits and I’ve been rewatched all of Flashpoint. I really can’t praise that show highly enough, West Wing is fantastic, but Flashpoint has definitely toppled it to become my all-time favourite.
  • City-to-Bay training – Continues slowly. At a friends suggestion, I got a new workout app and it seems to be doing a good job of reminding me to actually train. I’ve decided to focus on some core fitness and leave the cardio for another few weeks. Partly because the weather is miserable and partly because there’s no point my going out for a run when I can barely make it three kilometres before I’m done. A few weeks of training every couple of days should get me back to a point where I can run for 3k without dying.
  • Music – the concert went well enough. I’ve moved on to some harder pieces on the piano now and it’s starting to get a lot more interesting. More importantly, I bought a guitar! It’s a Squier Standard Strat. It’s very pretty. Here’s a pic:

    It is my precious
    Daniel with his new toy, a Squier standard stratocaster
  • Renovations – yeah. Let’s not talk about them. Maybe I’ll do some at Christmas.
  • Further Education
    • I am now certified at the Foundation level as a software test by the ISTQB. So yeah…
    • I’ve enrolled in my uni courses for my first semester in the Grad Dip of Comp Sci. I plan to study Event Driven Computing (read: learning how to use Java’s Swing UI more correctly) and Systems Programming in C / C++ because I figure I should have at least a passing familiarity with C.
    • Getting Java certs is no longer part of my plan. I’m going to focus on the Grad Dip and we’ll see what happens.
  • The first arc in the Charlotteville Chronicles, the new World of Darkness game I mentioned has started. The arc is called Thicker Than Blood and has some solid potential. I’ve spent a lot of time on prepping a website for the game. So you can now find a fair chunk of info about it over at the Charlotteville Chronicles.

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