Twice A Week? What Am I? A Printing Press?

I sort of agreed with a friend today that I’d update this blog twice a week for the next, erm, forever.

Having done that, I’ve spent a sizable portion of today sitting here having no idea what to write about.

I read an interesting piece recently by a twitter acquaintance. She wrote about the fear of imperfection and the impact it had on her attempts to blog. It struck me as amazingly similar to my own experiences (except that she can write better than I can). Certainly the part about the overflowing drafts folder that will almost certainly never get done.

I think a lot of the trouble with those posts is that they tried to address factual topics that were not my area of expertise. A lot of the hesitation represented a lack of time for full research. So, I’m going with a new approach.

I’m going to try to focus on writing about topics that can’t be objective or factual. So, maybe we’ll some some reviews, reports on things I’ve done (I’m buying a guitar tomorrow), notes from my new fortnightly World of Darkness game, or some more creative writing (if you’re really unlucky it might even be another poem).

So, now that I’ve copped out on my first post of this new challenge, I’ll leave you all in peace :p


PS: According to WordPress’ Proofreader, most of the things I say fall in to the category of “complex expressions”…

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