Blog Changes & Projects!

I migrated the blog from a server running in my spare room to a Rackspace server today. As part of the migration, I also performed a long overdue upgrade from the 2.9.x WordPress series to 3.4 – if anyone encounters any problems lemme know.
I also took the opportunity to import all the posts I’d written at my earlier blogs – Imaginary Ripples, Divided Answers, Integrated Questions, and Magnesium Games. So everything I’ve ever published online (including the infamous lettuce essay) can now be found here!

Below the fold, I thought I’d also take the time to update you all on my various projects at the moment.

  • Secret Project A was a video birthday message & site for Sewnerd. By all accounts it was a success!
  • Potential Secret Project B turned out to be so far beyond feasible it was laughable.
  • Project2011 has had some brilliant progress. It really needs a name.
    • It’s even spawned a sub-project in the form of a Swing-based hex grid library.
  • Music – Learning the piano is progressing quite nicely. I’m now comfortable enough with a piece called Fascination (by F. Marchetti) that I’m playing it at a student’s concert this weekend and only panicking most of the time… I’ve been meaning to see how my digital piano goes at being plugged in to my laptop, so I was thinking that I might record myself playing Fascination and then you can all mock me 😀 Also, I’m buying a guitar in a couple of weeks. Very excited. Expect pictures.
  • Games – Gods & Kings is out this weekend, I imagine that’ll steal my soul for the next couple of weeks. I’ve also been playing a lot of BF3 and have managed to finish another main story quest in Skyrim! As a bit of a throw-back, we’ve been playing a fair bit of Left 4 Dead as Sewnerd had never really played it before.
  • TV Shows – Half way through season 7 Star Trek:TNG and I realised I don’t have the rest :S. Also up to season 5 in DS9. Then I got distracted by acquiring new seasons of White Collar and Covert Affairs. Suits is also becoming a favourite of mine. Newsroom airs in North America next week. Shame us Aussies supposedly have to wait until September.
  • I have done precisely zero work on the renovations around my house. Mostly because I keep spending money on other things. I should really stop doing that.
  • City-to-Bay training – Very slowly getting back in to the swing of things. Not helped by the weather being very uncooperative on the few days that I actually have the time. Sigh. My little sister is doing an amazing job raising some funds for the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation. As most of you likely know, she collapsed at work about a year ago following a significant bleed from a previously undiagnosed brain tumour. You can read more of her story or donate to the cause at her Everyday Hero page.
  • Further Education – Java certs are back on hold, but I’m sitting for the ISTQB Foundation certs next Teusday (that’s the basic Test Analyst certification that then lets you sit for the ones that actually matter) and I’ve enrolled in a Graduate Diploma of Computer Science through the University of Adelaide, so I imagine I’ll be quite busy on the learning front for the next while. Just how I like it.
  • I’ve started a new World of Darkness chronicle. It’ll be the first tabletop rpg I’ve played in a few years. It’s set in a fictitious city called Charlotteville, near and very similar to New Orleans. A Mage game with a focus on rebuilding the city after decades of slow decline & more recent tragedies. I’ll be putting some more info up here soonish I hope. We’re playing via G+ Hangout and have players in three different Australian states! I love living in the future!

Okay, now that I’ve written a massive essay that no-one wanted to read, I’ll leave you all alone for a little while…

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