So. Many. Projects.

So, I’ve been thinking about this blog a bit. Currently I update only when I have enough time to put some thought in to a semi-serious topic. This is a rare occurrence. An original part of the motivation behind this blog was to write more regularly & thus improve my writing skills.
Clearly, that is not working.
So, after Sewnerd suggested to me a few weeks ago that we be “Blog Buddies”, I came to the conclusion that maybe I should stop trying to be so serious all the time and let the blog just be about what I’m up to at any given time.

I’m sure I’ll still write the occasional serious piece, but hopefully there’ll be more “Hey, I saw this cool thing” sort of blogs in the near future.

So, I thought I’d start by listing all the things I’m currently working on.

  • Secret Project A – shhhh! it’s a secret
  • Potential Secret Project B – shhhh! it’s also a secret
  • Project2011 – that game I blogged a bit about last year is still kicking around. Progress has been slow but good. I’ve learnt a lot about coding.
  • Learning to play the piano – I have a new teacher. She recently emigrated from Russia. She is… kind of… insane. In a good way. Perfect teaching style for me, manages to always keep me just past the limit of my abilities. Which seems to be where I learn the best.
  • Computer Games. My List of Shame grows long. I hope to finish these this year, I’ll be surprised if I finish them this decade:
    • Skyrim – yes. I know.
    • Fallout: New Vega – what can I say, the world gripped me, the story didn’t.
    • Amnesia – I’ve been meaning to set a weekend aside for this since it came out. Maybe this year.
    • Deus Ex – All of them. Let the ridicule commence.
    • Mass Effect – All of them. Let the ridicule grow.
    • Civ V – I’ve obviously finished this many times (I’ve now sunk over 200 hours in to Civ V according to Steam), but I’ve yet to win a game at every difficulty level and as every Civ. I will have all the achievements… Also, there’s the Gods & Kings expansion coming /me tries not to salivate too heavily.
    • Magicka – I really should finish that campaign.
    • Portal 2 – Finished the single player the day it came out. The co-op, it does languish.
    • Orcs Must Die! – can’t believe I’ve not finished it.
  • I also want to play more BF3, Cities in Motion, Crusader Kings, EUIII, Elven Legacy, Blur, the list goes on quite a ways.
  • Re-watching all of ST:TNG and ST:DS9. I’m currently halfway through seasons 6 and 1, respectively.
  • De-Wallpapering the rest of my house
  • Painting my house
  • Training for the City-to-Bay
  • Getting my Java certifications

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Finding it hard to work out what to do at the moment. Clearly I need to drop a couple of projects and focus more carefully on one or two. Or I could quit my job.

Expect somewhat regular updates on progress with all the projects. My third secret project been to bore all my reader’s in to leaving… 😛

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