Project 2011

Project 2011: What’s in v0.3.0?

As promised, below the fold there’s a snapshot of what I’m considering including in v0.3.0:

v0.3.0 Inclusions:

  • Updates for six of the known issues from v0.2.0
    • Activity-level summaries on the End of Turn Summary screen (as opposed to just Action-level summaries).
    • Implementing traits to actually have an effect.
    • Skill increases to be reported in End of Turn Summary. DONE!
    • Wood to have a use.
    • Fix: Being unable to perform an activity during End of Turn processing will cause the system to jump to the next activity rather than aborting the rest of the list. DONE!
  • Partial fixes for two of the known issues from v0.20 (this leaves seven unfixed issues – all of which are cosmetic or very minor or will be supplanted by planned features in future versions)
    • General improvements to the End of Turn Summary screen (auto-resizing columns on the Action Results table, smaller Activity list / bigger Action Results table).
    • Possible changes to the available Activity panels to remove some of the palceholder text.
  • A very-simple map (this is the basis of Milestone 4 – I’m doing it earlier than originally planned as I’m already finding parts of the code where I’d like to link to the Land. Doing it now should save a lot of refactoring later). You won’t be able to move around the map and it will probably consist of only one type of terrain (two or three if I’ve got the time), but it will exist.
    • Hex Tile mechanics including:
      • Different types of Hexes. DONE!
      • Resources that belong to the Hex. DONE!
    • Simple UI map.
  • The ability to construct buildings. Likely only one building at this stage
    • Camp – a place to call home. Having a camp as your base will do more for your happiness and health than simply sleeping on the ground.
  • At least three new activities
    • Make Camp.
    • Harvest Wood.
    • Cure Hides.
  • An overhaul of the Hunting activity to be based on the new implementation of land, to provide fur/hides as well as food, and to have more animals than just deer and bears (probably adding rabbits, pheasants, and boars).
  • At least two new resources
    • Hides DONE!
    • Fur DONE!
  • Behind the scenes, I’m also reworking a couple of areas to make later expansions simpler – don’t expect any visible changes at this stage
    • Character Attributes will get an overhaul. DONE!
  • Updates to the character creation process
    • It should be noted that this process remains a stand-in for the actual process, which will be less about character creation and more about creating a Family

Intended for v0.4.0 or later:

  • An injury-based health system
    • Location-based damage causing specific injuries such as (these are examples only. In this version, only a couple of injuries will exist)
      • Blind in One Eye
      • Broken Arm
      • Ruptured Spleen
    • An overall healthiness measure
    • Injuries can be permanent or temporary and heal based on what activities you undertake – remaining idle being the best at this stage.
  • A happiness system with the following factors affecting your overall happiness
    • Relationships (no impact at this release – what with there being no other people and all. Later this will reference platonic, romantic, and familial relationships)
    • Work (no impact at this release – later characters will have preferences for certain types of work or against certain types of work and the activities they do will affect their happiness)
    • Life Goals (no impact at this release – later characters will have specific life goals (e.g. build a home, find a spouse, have kids, make much money, master a skill) progress or delays towards this may impact their happiness)
    • Home (the type of building (or lack thereof) that you sleep in will impact your happiness as of this release)
    • Health (no impact at this release)
    • Other factors will likely be added later. Though this looks like becoming overly complex and will most likely be significantly scaled back.
  • Behind-the-scenes Updates:
    • Overhaul of Inventory mechanics
    • Overhaul of character Skills data structure

There will be no compatibility for save files between v0.2.0 and v0.3.0 – not that you could really do anything in v0.2.0 that warrants saving anyway…

Owing to an ongoing medical saga within my family at the moment, I’m not going to put a release date on this. Ideally it would be within a couple of weeks. We’ll see how that goes…

Updated 20-08-2011: Started adding DONE! tags where appropriate. I’ll keep doing this so that people can see how progress is coming along. Not a lot of tags were added today, this is mostly due to same major refactoring and expansion of the way the Activity superclass was working (including a complete re-write of the code that processes an Activity at end of turn and some preparations for when the game gets more than one character). I’ve also added an ActivityQueue which handles the priority ordering for characters, as well as remembering which Activity was performed when on which turn. This took a *massive* amount of time, but has made that section of the code vastly easier to use and understand, as well as being more extensible and efficient. Additionally, I over-hauled the way Activity targets work so that it’s easier to add more types of Targets down the track (for the moment it remains one of (1) continue indefinitely, or (2) perform action a set number of times, or (3) perform action until a certain amount of a single resource type is produced. In this build I may add some options for how to deal with Activities that can produce multiple outputs. About to start work on the non-UI aspects of the Land code! Should be exciting! (I’m also really looking forward to the UI stuff, turns out it’ll be a little more involved than I’d anticipated. Now, I need to stop reading about AI and focus on stuff for this release…

Updated 27-08-2011: The non-UI aspects of the Land code are done! I’m all hexed-out for the moment, so I’m going to work on some other stuff before coming back to the UI components. I’ve also decided that the above list is too much new stuff for one release – it’s simply going to take too long and there are too many major additions in there. So, I’ve rearranged the above list and split some things in to the second list you see above.

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