Project 2011

Announcing: Project 2011

Somewhere between my 25th and 26th birthdays, I decided that every year for the forseeable future I would undertake one grand project of some sort. Last year it was to run from Tea Tree Plaza to the City (along the Torrens, a little over 19k all up). This was a fairly tall order for someone who hadn’t been involved in any sort of physical activity since I was on the school soccer team’s bench in ’96 (from memory, I played two halves all season and never actually touched the ball). Nonetheless, it was accomplished. I’ve spent several months now thinking about what the next big project would be. There have been a few non-starters and many more false-starters. Eventually, it became obvious to me that I should use the project as a way to learn to code. Of course, before I could do that I needed to know the fundamentals of coding. Two courses in to a Grad Dip of IT later and I’m ready to start the project.

For the moment it’s working title is simply Project 2011.  As the year progresses I’ll reveal more and more about it, but for the moment all you get to know is that it’s a competitively co-operative multiplayer long-form game.

The part I expect to prove the most challenging is finding the necessary artwork, but more on that in a later post.

Oh, and you get to know the alpha-release date: 16 October 2011. I will release a playable alpha-version of the game on or before that day.

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