From Integrated Questions

Popcorn Fansquee!

Okay. I just had to link to this disturbingly simple guide to saving me a small bucket of money.

Those of you who have had the pleasure of my acquaintance are well aware that my love of microwave popcorn knows no bounds.

Photo Credit: Ayelie
Prior to my deciding that running the occasional marathon was an interesting idea, I averaged a bag a day. Now that I’m on a bit of a health kick it’s more like a bag a week. Well… to be honest, it’s more like three or four bags in two or three days once every month or so when I have a moment of weakness walking past the popcorn in the supermarket.
I’d always assumed that creating microwave popcorn wasn’t as simple as putting unpopped corn in a bag and microwaving it, but boy am I glad that the fine people over at Squawkfox decided to test that theory and show us all just how easy it actually is with this handy guide.
(H/T to the wonderful people over at Lifehacker who linked me to the Squawkfox guide)

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