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Can catching the bus cure my blogging drought?

Earlier this week my travel arrangements underwent an involuntary upheaval. Now, instead of spending about an hour a day on the train napping, I have the pleasure of spending over two hours a day on a bus not able to nap. Not effectively at any rate. And not without risking missing my stop.

Once I got over the initial shock of standing at a bus stop at 7 in the morning, watching my extremities turn blue, scream at me, and threaten to fall off, I came to a realisation.
If I could find someway to coax some warmth and life back into my fingers, then I should be able to put those couple of hours a day to a productive use in a way that just wasn’t possible when faced with the alluring siren call of napping on the train.

I’m sure some of the lengthy bus rides will be given over to planning my social life, tweeting random thoughts, preparing for the next game session, and chatting with old friends who happen to catch the same bus. But it’s my intention and expectation that at least a ride or two a week will be given over to getting this blog breathing again.

As groundwork for this new explosion of enthusiasm, I intend to address a small technical issue with the blog that’s bugged me for quite some time. Namely that I have been blogging to both Integrated Questions and Divided Answers and that the criteria that determine what sort of post ends up on which blog is murky at best.

Over the course of this week, all the substantive posts from Divided Answers will be migrated to this blog and the name will be changed to “Integrated Questions Divided Answers”.

As for content, expect it to remain as a diverse collection of topics ranging from questionable political analysis to reviews of my most recently acquired gadgets, and from philosophical waffling to an economic treatise on the value of an Iceberg Lettuce. I’m also planning to significantly increase the number of posts that are simply links to well-written interesting pieces, and I also intend to start putting together the occasional topical linkfest piece – the first of which you should see go up before the end of the week…

I’m also hoping to get some more creative writing done and I’ll be continuing to post that over at Imaginary Ripples rather than here.

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