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Sometimes The Numbers Don’t Work

Sadly, I do not believe that the numbers add up for the viability of getting Magnesium Games up and running at this time.
It’s funny how much an individual’s situation can change in six months.
When I started work on MgG, I was working 30 hours a week and had almost no financial commitments.
Six months later, I find myself working 40 hours a week and looking at signing up for a mortgage.
Suddenly, the 10 to 15 hours I needed to put in each week to make Magnesium Games work seems like an impossible reach. More and more I find myself only working on the bare minimums – and not always reaching those – and less and less working on the underlying products. Plato’s Game, despite its compact size, has more or less stalled in development. And the big project has seen a mere two dozen pages of setting work completed in the last three months.
Financially, where before I found it easy to put aside 5 grand for start-up costs, I now find myself eyeing off that money as essential to buying a house for myself.
Motivationally, I have always derived a lot of my drive from my own gaming group. Unfortunately, it has proved increasingly difficult to organise games (a side-effect of getting jobs, I guess) and the last few campaigns I’ve run have been… poor, at best.
Still, this is not the end of Magnesium Games. But it does mark a change in approach. The blog will be much quieter for the foreseeable future. I will still post the occasional article, but mostly it will be silent. Until I am much closer to the release dates, the blog simply takes too much time. Especially as I looked at expanding it to include other authors.
I have also decided that it is mostly likely unfeasible to produce a game by myself. Financially, not having a partnered artist is prohibitively expensive. Creatively, not having someone to closely bounce ideas off is not conducive to my best work.
So, Magnesium Games will not be getting its own website in the near future and will be mostly quiet. Work will continue, albeit at a slow pace, on the core projects. And I will once again renew the hunt for a dedicated business partner.

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