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Laying the Foundations #2 – The Importance of Community

Welcome to the second instalment of Laying the Foundations. In this week’s article I’m going to touch on the fundamental unit of our hobby – the gaming group.

In the same way that the family is the building block of society, the group is the building block of our gaming community. Whilst some people do buy gaming books just to read them, the overwhelming majority of us buy the books because we want to play the game – whether or not we do is another question entirely.

Gaming belongs to a network market – the more people that are playing in your area, the easier it is to find other gamers with compatible schedules, and the easier it is to find people who want to play in the kind of games you want to play in. It surprises me that so many gaming companies aim their works at single players rather than the group.

Magnesium Games intends to buck this trend at least somewhat. We’re focussed on the fact that the group is the building block of the community and the community is the key to thriving in the gaming industry. Of course, we also recognise that many individual gamers belong to multiple groups and we’re going to provide for that as well.

There are two main ways we’ll be looking after gaming groups. The first is our website. Whilst at first it will be predominantly a collection of articles and reviews, it will later be expanding to include a selection of gaming tools. These will be designed with a collaborative, group approach in mind. We’ll also be structuring our premium memberships around a group basis as well as an individual basis.

Secondly, our game products will be released in three ways – In the traditional hard copy and e-books, and as boxed sets. The boxed sets will be sold with a range of options so that you can customise it for the members of your group and the size of your group. Depending on the exact set, it might include a hard-copy of the full main book, multiple hard copies of a shortened version of the rules for players, various props, character sheets, maps, tokens, dice, and other goodies.

Of course, all of this is quite a long way away, so why am I talking about it now?

Put simply, I’m talking about it now because the group experience is at the core of all our design and business philosophies at Magnesium Games. With few exceptions, we don’t game by ourselves but as part of a group and we believe that every aspect of the hobby should be designed to cater to the group as well as to the individual.

See you all next week…

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