From Magnesium Games

Sidebars: Testing the Waters

A bonus update this week!

An essential stage of the development of every game is the play-testing stage. One of Magnesium Games’ side projects is just about to reach this stage and very shortly, I’ll be looking for some Adelaide-based people to come and play in one or two sessions of the game.
In the mean time, I’m very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in play-testing any or all of our games (whether you’re based in Adelaide or elsewhere). Drop me an email at danielobrien0 (at*) or leave your details in the comments below.
Plato’s Game (working title) will be ready for play-testing in the very, very near future – in tomorrow’s weekly update you’ll get a small teaser as well!
For those who join the Playtester pool, you’ll get some extra updates in the next couple of weeks and an early copy of the rules. And you may get the opportunity to play in one or more of the Playtest sessions!
So, what are you waiting for? Send an email to me, or leave your email in the comments below, to join the Playtester Pool!

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