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A Valuable Lesson

On Sunday, as promised, I posted the next entry in this blog. It was a nice description of some of the core concepts behind the character structure.

Though I should say that I *tried* to post the next entry. Because it would seem that what I actually did was delete it. A rather impressive fail on my behalf if I do say so myself.
Unfortunately, that was the only copy I had of that blog post. Rest assured, I will be re-writing it and posting it. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I won’t be able to do so until next Sunday.
In a partial bid to make up for it, I’ve got a brief outline of what you can expect over the coming weeks.
Sunday 31 August: Under the Hood 1 – The Platonic Ideal
Sunday 6 September: Laying the Foundations 1 – The Importance of Community
Sunday 13 September: Under the Hood 2 – Multi-Dimensional Mechanics
Sunday 20 September: Laying the Foundations 2 – A Meeting of Minds
Sunday 27 September: Under the Hood 3 – Social Capital
Sunday 04 October: Under the Hood 4 – Putting It Together
In Under the Hood, I’ll be exploring some of the core concepts I’ve worked from in building the system that MgG’s first game will use.
In Laying the Foundations, I intend to discuss the reasons behind MgG’s online presence and how I hope to expand and develop that presence.
Beyond that things get interesting – I’ll be bringing on between two and four columnists to help keep the blog regularly updated. The search is currently on for appropriate writers with the hope that the first two will start in mid-October and up to another two before the end of the year. If this option proves viable and popular, we’ll start looking at expanding the number and frequency of columns in the first quarter of 2010.
The columns will be on a range of topics. Here’s a quick peak at the list that has been considered thus far: World-building guide, Prop-making Tips, Session write-ups, Ongoing fiction, Weaving help, Dealing with problem players, Running Massive Multi-Weaver Games, and Running Gaming Clubs.
If you want to find out which ones make the cut – keep reading this blog…
If you want to write a column (and maybe make yourself a little cash in the process) – drop an email to me at danielobrien0 (*at)

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