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Welcome to the first post at Magnesium Games.

This blog will look at the development of a new project – Magnesium Games, henceforth MgG. We’ll be making our home here at blogger for the next couple of months until our full website is functional.
MgG has several objectives, the first of which is to produce a not-quite Creative Commons game system for distribution as both a pdf and physical book. No firm release date exists, though I’m optimistically aiming for the second quarter of 2011.
Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll divulge some more details of this project and the various projects linked to it. To start things off though, I thought I’d talk a little bit more about what I mean by not-quite Creative Commons.
The game system that is currently in development will be just one of several that have been considered and will, luck-willing, be produced following the first product. Currently, MgG envisages releasing the core rules for all of these games under a limited CC-style licence (it’s yet to be determined if the CC licences meet our requirements). If we do this properly, it will work the way the OGL should have worked for D&D (albeit on a much, much smaller scale). The core rules will be freely available in pdf format, whilst a hard copy format will be purchasable at as fair a price as is possible. Setting add-ons and other supplements will then be released under a more traditional model. There will also be ongoing and regular support through the MgG website – at this stage, it looks like being a series of regular articles (at least one a week), which will then be compiled in to monthly pdfs and annual hard copies.
One of the key things we want to accomplish across all MgG endeavours is an open, two-way communication with the players and Weavers who use 0ur products. Most importantly for us is a desire to continuously improve on the products. Where possible, we intend to regularly update the various pdf corebooks so that they are essentially living rulebooks.
After all, no amount of in-house playtesting can thrash a system as robustly as your players will…
We’ll also be looking to involve the community in product development to a greater extent than has been traditional in the rpg community, but more on that later.
This blog will be updated weekly on Sundays, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates and sneak previews of our forthcoming products.

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