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Is legalisation the answer?

The Economist puts forward an argument I have been trying to make for years, and they do so with far more style and success than I have enjoyed.

Illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin should be legalised. Prohibition does not work. It is likely that prohibition makes things worse.

We have seen no real lasting successes in the war on drugs. We have seen phenomenal long-term success in the public health campaigns against tobacco.

Drug abuse should be treated as a health concern, not a criminal matter. Why waste billions on incarcerating those in need of our support? Why not spend the money on better hospitals, better healthcare, and better public health support?

One thought on “Is legalisation the answer?

  1. I now have a subscription to the Economist. I love it. Got my first edition the other day, and will be spending some time on their website this year. And by some time I mean not just procrastination the week before exams.


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