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O-Week 2009 – Good, Bad, Ugly, and Outright Stupid

What follows is a largely unedited list I compiled during O-Week this year. The titles are relatively self-descriptive.

The Bad:
* The ABSS trying to get their own way without regard for anyone else, the legalities of any existing agreements, or basic common sense.
* The Engies being sexually-exploitative and harrassing arseholes
* People who steal giant rubber ducks
* Almost every club being stuck in a cul-de-sac
* All bar one of the club’s that I spoke to recruiting less members than last year
* The CS Club trying to work its way around the rather reasonable restriction on selling food and drinks
* Ash, the main organiser for the Clubs side of things, having to miss the Wednesday due to an injury on the Tuesday.

The Ugly:
* Certain people gloating about how they put the best O-Week ever together, with no mention of the phenomenal team of people who put a veritable ton of effort in. To be fair, the person I’m thinking of put in a fair bit of work, but share the love around would you please… (not to me, I did very little)
* Several people complaining that some of the Union’s volunteers were idiots and shouldn’t have been allowed to help. Their largest complaint? … Their faction is evil… Sigh.
* Myself on no sleep and twice the recommended dose of energy drinks (1 can mother, 1 can V, 1 can Red Bull ftw)
* Moffatt looking like a zombie
* Ash’s ankle on the Thursday
* Red Bull being used in water pistols and sprayed all over people (thank you, Lavinia…)

The Outright Stupid:
* The number of energy drinks I consumed over the four days.
* The attempted joke (dear gods, let it have been a joke) about Alex’s being female (Are you sure…?)
* The CS.Club’s supposed work-arounds for selling products… and their gloating about having found a work-around to anyone who’d listen
* The ABSS thinking that they were being unfairly punished for having to live by the same rules as everyone else.
* Ash falling down stairs whilst carrying bananas.
* The Engies
* Fear

The Good:
* AURPS and GAMES getting (relatively) insane membership numbers
* The number of extra people willing to help out at the QUAC stall
* Christian and co plugging for Stoke in amusing costumes
* Thursday starting a little late
* Breakfast with a monkey
* Wristbands
* Free drinks
* The weather
* We all survived

One thought on “O-Week 2009 – Good, Bad, Ugly, and Outright Stupid

  1. Ash slipped WITH a bananapeel! (I don’t even know what that’s funny, it’s probably not. But it occurred to me.)I’m keen to know who CS Club is. I’m sure I’ll kick myself- I’ll give you that pleasure. Otherwise- sounds like O-Week! (although Red Bull in water pistols… interesting.)


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