From Divided Answers

Short Term Solutions for Long Term Gain

Welcome to my new blog.

These days it almost seems as if I create blogs more often than I actually update them. I must confess, to my eternal shame, that at least one blog I’ve created remains postless.

A friend of mine told me today that blogs are meant to be running streams of consciousness and not essays, that I put too much effort in to my writings. A fair criticism, but one that I feel the need to defend myself from. Integrated Questions was always meant to be professional and, to be honest, perfect.

I recognise now that I too often let the quest for perfection lead me to creating naught at all. Thus, this blog is a born – Divided Answers. An unfortunate twist on the perfection of Integrated Questions, this blog will be a stream of consciousness. I’ll post here about the latest events that have piqued my interest, curiosity, and outrage.
More importantly, I intend to use this blog in conjunction with Imaginary Ripples to ensure that I write at least every other day. It is oft-said that practice makes perfect and it’s perfection that I am so desperately seeking.

Welcome to my blog. Please ignore the mess.

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