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Ripples of a Darker Nature I: A Chase

Sharon sprinted down the never-ending hallway. Her tattered and blood-stained, once-white loose dress rustled as her bleeding feet struggled to take the next step. The hospital-white walls seemed to loom over her, filling her vision in horrifying totality. She had been running for an eternity. It was still pursuing her.
She could not stop to take breath, she could not pause for a moment’s rest. It was behind her. It was chasing her.
It existed solely to consume her.
Her bruised legs screamed in agony and her lungs tore at her constricted chest. Her mind was consumed only by thoughts of the monster that pursued it.

She continued in her endless sprint down the hallway, primordial fear and base instinct driving her to reach its end. Had she been capable of reason she would have known that there was no end to this corridor. It continued forever. If reason were possible in this place, Sharon may have had the slimmest of hopes against the coming darkness.

Her ankle gave way beneath her as she sprinted around yet another of the infinite corners in this interminable tunnel. Sharon issued a guttural, primeval scream as she crashed to the floor. Terror, beyond even the most imaginable fear, welled within her as she struggled to rise to her feet. Collapsing back to the floor before she could even raise herself to one knee, she desperately tried to claw her way forward. As the fundamental terror overwhelmed her last remaining senses, she felt the monster leap on her back. It howled in in primal supremacy as its blackened form prepared to plunge its razor-sharp claws into her, to draw forth its sweet sustenance. Her consciousness ceased to exist as the monster devoured her life-blood and her very soul.

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