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Could this be any more biased and ridiculous?

In the same feed-reading session that I am pleased to read that the ABC has passed the journalistic accuracy test, I am assaulted with this website they’ve put together for kids.

Whilst you are there make sure you play the “This is Your Lifestyle” game so that you can “Find out how much you suck”.

I am at a loss for words.

Though, I won’t be in my next post. Until then please comment below about your thoughts on the website and ignore the ‘more’ link – it lies.

3 thoughts on “Could this be any more biased and ridiculous?

  1. I think they fail to take into account the effect of growing cotton in Australia when they tell me a Chinese-made shirt is slightly worse than an Austrlian made one. And I would neither go to, nor buy the CD of, a Kylie concert. What’s my score for that?In any case, my score was 5/7, so I suck 2/7th of the time.w00t!


  2. Please, please tell me that you got the one about the t-shirts, Daniel! The ‘rich bitch’ character’s response was “Greena! Swaeatshops are like gyms for the poor.”I find all the questions very frustrating, as they don’t actually give a decent range of possibilities (e.g. the one for drying your hands – I do just let them air dry most of the time. As for chicken v. beef: neither!!). I think it could be a LOT better made, and a lot more positively educational.I got 5/7 the first time (apparently I suck for using a dishwasher [except my household has an efficient one that covers a day or two of meals, so it probably comes close to evening out] and for using paper towel to dry my hands [except I often don’t]).On the second I got 3/7 (because I drink wine over beer [KID’S GAME, HUH?], make home made pizza over shop-bought [a difference of 7% emissions, not to mention that mine would be vego, and hence their factoring in of beef wouldn’t count], would buy a Chinese shirt [as cleverick said, they seem to overlook the cost for growing the cotton in Aus. In fact, the blurb for that one seems to support the Chinese shirt] and for flying interstate [fair cop there!]./rant


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