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Do I Have Time To Blog?

A valid question if ever I’ve asked one. This is just a quick post to list a few of the things that I’ve intended to blog about in recent weeks (months) but haven’t made the time to do so.

Plastic Bags – The proposed SA ban (and the stupidity of it) and why GoGreen Bags are actually a good idea (my initial scepticism to the side).
Federalism in Australia – Why our current federalism is the worst of both worlds.
Saying Sorry – Was it pointless? How rude are some people? Why shouldn’t we apologise? What was really all that wrong about Nelson’s speech (aside from the fact that it was hideously written – which can be said for Rudd’s as well)
Feminism, Equality, and a Fair Go – Why at least two of these are a pointless goal with no practicality and more than a little risk.
We Aren’t All the Same – And nor should we be. Why I think the frequent equating of equality and homogeneity is naive, impractical, and hurtful.
The Erosion of Our Freedom – How the Rann (and Howard and Rudd) Government(s) are destroying our freedoms and why paying the full social cost makes better moral, ethical, and economic sense.
The Women’s Officer – My complaint about the new SRC and its discriminatory ways.

I’ve also been keen to go back over some of my previous posts. When I started this exercise I wanted to write every post with four points in mind. Four dichotomies if you will. I think I may have strayed somewhat from the four along the way. My initial hope was to always keep in mind that every situation is Complex and no solution is Simple. That there is almost always a large discrepancy between our Perceptions and the Reality in which we live. That though two things may have a strong Correlation, that does not tell us anything about the Causation. And, because nothing is complete without a favourite catchphrase – Integrated-Solutions will top Single-Solutions every time.

Whilst I would now like to say that this blog will be reinvigorated in the coming weeks, I must confess that I find it unlikely that the frequency of posting will increase substantially in the foreseeable future.

Of course, I can be convinced otherwise.

Update: I forgot to mention before – I have started some (three) drafts for a section I had hoped to start (not likely) entitled Partial Solutions. The idea was that I would post my proposed solutions to problems, or to aspects of problems, and then everyone who reads this could tear them to pieces. I must admit though, with the forthcoming work for the QUAC Round Table on Marijuiana laws I am a unlikely to do the work required to finish these works. Which I suppose makes this update a little pointless…

4 thoughts on “Do I Have Time To Blog?

  1. Posts I would particularly love to read: Federalism in Australia; We Aren’t All the Same; The Erosion of Our Freedom.If you do get time to write any of these up (or even outline them), I’d love to read it. It might also be worth writing one of them up for On Dit as more domestic current issues news


  2. Oh, and federalism. I am slowly being swayed to believe the states should be abolished, but I could still argue to the death about it. We should sometime. Make it a QUAC thing next term, I’d skip a million bar courses to go to that.


  3. It seems you have enough time to read other people’s blogs, even if not to write more of your own.Please do start again, and make sure you keep me up to date with what’s going on in the econ dept.!


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