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Can I Still Be Surprised By A Silly Union Campaign?

Apparently so.

As I discovered courtesy of A Road to Surfdom, the AWU (Australian Workers Union) believe that long service leave should be transferable from job to job.

As in, if I work at one place and accrue a couple of weeks long-service leave in my short amount of service then I should be able to take it to the next place I work for a short period of time.

I’m assuming I’m not alone in been somewhat surprised and amazed at the AWU’s blatant stupidity. Regardless of whether or not you think that workers should be entitled to more paid leisure time, surely it shouldn’t arrive through long service leave.

Long service leave should remain as it is – an incentive to encourage employees to remain loyal to their employer over the course of decades. There is little more valuable than an experienced and capable employee.

Though, I must admit that I believe that there are a number of systems that would generate far superior employee loyalty over both the long- and short-term than long-service leave ever has.
Decent wages, professional and enjoyable working environments, flexibility and team integration, an opportunity to develop both personally and professionally and, most importantly, a sense of appreciated importance to the work place.

Daniel O’Brien.

Elsewhere: A Road to Surfdom

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