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Minor Updates

Hey All,

As one or two of you have previously noted, my blogroll has been woefully incomplete in the past. That particular oversight has now been, mostly, rectified. Take a look at the new Political, General, and Friend’s Blogrolls.

I must make special mention of a few of the blogs.

Freakonomics is an amazing blog by one of the preeminent economists of our time. Jointly maintained by Steven D. Levitt (a professor of economics at the University of Chicago) and Stephen J. Dubner (a professional journalist), the blog never ceases to provide new, interesting, and topical insight into the world around us. Most importantly, Levitt has a masterful understanding of the difference between correlation and causation. I would give my left arm to be half as good as he is, and I’d give my right arm to write as well as Dubner.

John Quiggin has written some pieces that I find truly impressive. The professionalism of his arguments is difficult to deny. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an economist and seems to take a similar stance to me on many things.

Andrew Norton is sometimes a bit hit-and-miss. Sometimes thoroughly mediocre (though this could be a function of his choice of topic and my interest level) and frequently insightful, eye-opening, and brilliant. Read it.

If anyone knows of any blogs that I haven’t listed that I should be reading, drop a comment and let me know.


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